My first book, Born Together.


Dawn McManus: Graphic Artist

After nearly three years at my kitchen table I am thrilled to be seeking publication of my first book, Born Together. I hope to bring it to you very soon. I have loved every inspiring minute of reading, writing, researching and editing. There have been no beginnings or endings to my days. The thinking, planning and creating have had no boundaries, day or night. One day has rolled happily into the next as I poured my journey, emotions and dreams on to each page. Born Together shares the unique voyage of how Multiple Sclerosis entered my life at the same time as motherhood. More than that it shares my impacting, yet ordinary, self- help programme which runs steadfastly parallel to my spiritual journey. I rejected the traditional medical model on offer, in favour of an independent route. Diet and lifestyle have led the way alongside many other wonderful contributions. I will share them all.

We can all do ordinary things to help us live an extraordinary life, with or without Multiple Sclerosis.

Patricia Gachagan


My first book, Born Together.

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