Decisions, decisions, decisions!

After finally finishing the final edit( I think!) I was at a crossroads of where to go next. Start the long submission process again in the hope of a traditional publisher picking me up? Two-three years in the making at the very least. Or seize the day! Seize the moment! And seize the opportunity I am privileged enough to have and self-publish? I’m not someone who generally hangs around and my wait until now had been focussing on getting Born Together to a high enough standard.  Edit after edit after edit! It is finally ready! A good few sleepless nights and some moments of clarity during the stillness and darkness of those nights. Decision made, excitement begins, nervous overflow! Born Together goes for publication and should be ready for sale around November 2016!

Born Together tells the story of how I went from a travelling teacher to a new mum with Multiple Sclerosis.  How my immune system attacked itself in error following the birth of my wonderful son. And the subsequent years spent searching for alternative treatments in my self-help journey after I rejected the medical prognosis of a life towards disability and vulnerability. Born Together shares the new, pioneering and very successful treatment for MS I have been so grateful to find. Life is not about how many times you fall over, but about how many times you get up again.

I look forward to sharing it all with you x

Graphic Artist: Dawn McManus
Decisions, decisions, decisions!

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