The Road after Publication


Born Together was published in May this year. A wonderful journey has started a new chapter. From the cosy wintry days writing at my kitchen table to the frenetic deadlines of proof reading with the publishing company- I have relished it all and grown hugely as a person and as a person of positivity.
Publication and my book launch surpassed all expectations- the reality was far greater than the dream ever dared to be. The follow up and feedback from the readers of Born Together has created a new dream- or should I say plan. Readers have found Born Together to be ‘inspirational’ ‘uplifting’ ‘the true definition of hope’ ‘incredibly positive’ ‘unforgettable book’ ‘highly recommended’ ‘bloody brilliant’ and written by an ‘inspiring and motivational author’. It has brought me newspaper articles, magazine stories, live radio interviews and even a live television appearance! I will now take Born Together forward to share it far and wide.
In the right place at the right time I have now become a radio show host at msandme radio- a newly launched global internet station. So, from someone with public speaking issues and low confidence after the blow of an MS diagnosis, I certainly have come a long way.
A journey that started from something so negative and heart-breaking has taking me to a place of positivity and achievement. A place where I am still juggling the many curve balls that life tends to throw, but a place where I am strong, determined and above all happy with who I am again. So, it really is true. It is not what happens to you in this life that will define you, but it is how you get up and deal with it that will determine your future. My book Born Together shares all that I did and all that I learned along the way. Positivity, for me, will always win over negativity and we really can if we just keep on searching and never give up.
I have faced very challenging times throughout this journey and none more so than recently. I grow every day and I learn every day. I read only days ago about being unstoppable- not because life doesn’t bring challenges, failures and hard times- but because you just continue on through them. That is the perfect description of me.
I am looking forward now to the next chapter of my life. It will be about what I can do and achieve. About finding the positivity around me and being grateful for what I have got. About letting go and walking away from anything negative around me and living in the moment with who I am now and what I can do now. And keeping on writing of course…


The Road after Publication

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